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Skin care kits are a sensible option for gifting great skin! Not only are they convenient for people looking for a simplified skin care routine, but they usually contain the core essentials to begin your skin care transformation journey. Welcome the New Year with fabulous skin!

How Eltraderm Skin Care Kits Deliver Results

Skin care kits have numerous benefits for consumers and their skin care goals. These home care kits help introduce clients to new products, whether through mini size versions or actual full size products. The mini size kits ,which usually consist of samples, are convenient for travel or short-term trial testing, but won’t be enough for impacting real skin transformation. Skin care kits with full size products, on the other hand, are more beneficial and effective.

A good skin care routine helps keep the skin in healthy condition, promotes an overall youthful appearance, and prevents the need for future corrective alternatives. Traditional skin care kits consist of products that cater to specific skin types such as oily, combination, normal, dry, or sensitive. Eltraderm Skin Care sets and kits, on the other hand, include carefully selected products that complement each other and cater to different skin concerns and goals.

Skin Care Kits Designed with Purpose

Full size facial skin care sets and kits are designed to deliver convenient skin benefits. They are an excellent option for establishing a skin care routine for consumers who don’t know where to start and need simple, easy-to-follow steps to caring for their skin. Considering that most people use trial and error to determine what works for their skin, introductory kits may be an ideal solution.

For example, the Eltraderm 3-Step Skin Care Program Kit promotes the daily essentials for healthy skin with a simplified routine which includes a daily cleanser, soluble native collagen to keep the deep layers properly hydrated, and a hyaluronic acid moisturizer to protect the top layers.

This introductory kit can be recommended for most skin types with the objective of keeping the skin’s appearance and texture in good condition. GIFT IDEA for skin care novices!

For consumers seeking to elevate skin care results with an anti-aging hydration system, the Eltraderm Advanced Skin Care Kit provides a complete daily care routine with

Eltraderm’s Gentle Facial Cleanser, Peptide Complex Serum, Advanced Native Collagen + HA and Peptide Cream. This anti-aging skin care bundle is ideal for personal use or as a gift!

GIFT IDEA for skin care experts with it's complete anti-aging routine!

Discovery Kits are value set products which allow consumers to explore products they have yet to try at special packaged price.

For example, the Eltraderm Restore + Rebalance Set features two Award-winning products in a single kit. This kit targets skin conditions in need of restorative hydration with its triple powered Advanced Collagen HA + C gel and rebalances the skin’s cellular matrix components to reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation with its elastin gel-based Firm Rebalance.

GIFT IDEA for skin care enthusiasts who want the super star power!

Alternatively, a more powerful combination of collagen and elastin products is the Eltraderm Firm + Hydrate Set, which includes the Firm Rebalance and Advanced Collagen Concentrate + HA.

This ultra lifting gel and intense hydrating serum duo is the ultimate solution for age- and gravity-defying skin care goals. What’s remarkable with either set is that they can easily be incorporated with other product lines.

GIFT IDEA for all skin care lovers to boost hydration during winter under your moisturizer!

Pre & Post- Care Kits feature Eltraderm serums that have been purposefully paired to achieve the best skin care results, especially when combined with a professional service treatment.

For example, the Eltraderm Pre & Post Care Duo with Advanced Collagen Concentrate + HA and Peptide Complex Serum aims to strengthen the skin with collagen and rebuild with peptides to support skin recovery. This duo delivers high performing results with anti-aging or hydrating facials, all the "micro-" treatments (microcurrent, microdermabrasion, microneedling), as well as RF skin tightening or resurfacing treatments.

GIFT IDEA for the person who loves professional treatments and wants to get the most out of their self-care investment!

The Eltraderm Hydration + Restorative Care regimen delivers the most comprehensive serum system with our most advanced collagen product Advanced Collagen Concentrate HA + C and multilayering hyaluronic acid Multiplex HA Serum to prepare the skin for deep resurfacing or ablative procedures.

For post-procedure, our Advanced Collagen Concentrate + HA and Peptide Complex Serum help accelerate the skin recovery. This ultimate serum regimen promotes maximum restorative care for the most intense treatments.

GIFT IDEA for the person who wants the best performing products to add to their skin care program!

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

From facials to procedural treatments, increasing the skin’s deep hydration levels improves the skin’s moisture levels which then transform dehydrated, imbalanced, or damaged skin into healthy, supple, beautiful-looking skin.

Eltraderm’s vision as a skin care company is to redefine the concept of beauty as "healthy skin is beautiful skin." Beauty isn’t about perfect skin, it’s about healthy skin.

Healthy skin is an integral part of self-care and well-being beyond social media posts. Caring and maintaining skin health as a daily process has become a renewed realization.

"100% of skin care results depends on 80% of what is done at home and 20% of what is done in the treatment room." - Katherine Asmono

Eltraderm Skin Care products are built on the love of improving and nourishing the skin, with formulations that deliver optimal results whether for everyday use or post-procedure care. #eltradermskin #eltradermcollagen #bestcollagen #collagenskincare #eltraskineffect

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